New job

Effective January 1st, I'll complete my transition to the Dark Side by vacating my position as Information Security Officer. Afterwards, I will join Adelphi University's full-time faculty. My primary focus will be on computer science in general, with an emphasis on cybersecurity.

In my new position, I'm going to be rekindling my research interests, and hopefully do something that is interesting and valuable to the community as a whole. With a change of responsibility comes a new focus, and hopefully, more materials to write about here.

Want to replace me?

If you are interested in becoming my successor as Adelphi University's Information Security Officer, please take a look at the job posting and apply. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Adelphi is a great place to work; salaries aren't bad (not great either ;), the campus has a close proximity to NYC, there are decent benefits, its campus is beautiful,  and you'll be in a fairly informal and non-hostile work atmosphere. Even better, you'll work in a professional well-run department and you will have FULL OWNERSHIP of the Infosec function.

Note to bad guys

Until my replacement has been appointed, I will not fully vacate my position. Logs are still going to be monitored, the phone will still be answered, email will be watched. Basically, nothing changes.