I am in the process of putting together a SANS mentor class for the Security Leadership course. If you are interested in taking the class on-site with me, for about 2 hours a week during 10 weeks, please let me know. The fine people over at SANS have put together a web page with more information. We're looking to begin in a few weeks, but the actual start date is flexible to accommodate to the schedule of the students.

The curriculum is divided in a few main sections:

  MGT512.1: Managing the Plant, Network, and Information Architecture
  MGT512.2: IP Concepts, Attacks Against the Enterprise and Defense-in-Depth
  MGT512.3: Secure Communications
  MGT512.4: The Value of Information
  MGT512.5: Management Practicum

Sounds interesting? Drop me a line before registering and I might be able to come up with a discount!