I have recently been invited to teach my introductory computer and network security class in the Spring semester. The class is a "high 300"-class, and I'm looking forward to refreshing my material.

For as many years as I have been active in this field, I have observed a serious disconnect between technical information security practitioners and the material that is taught at colleges and universities.

As it happens to be, I will be
heading out to Las Vegas at the end of this month (July) to attend the Black Hat Briefings and some of Defcon 18. At the risk of launching is understatement of the year, I am fairly sure that it should not be too hard to find security practitioners with an opinion at those venues,

So, consider this post as a call to action.

If you want to help me out by sharing your thoughts on what a full-semester 3 credit undergraduate class on computer and network security should look like, please hit me up and tell me exactly how you feel. The class is targeting a mix of computer science majors and management of
information systems majors.

You can reach me via the feedback option at the bottom of each page on this site, but using the comments fields, or by contacting me on Twitter. My handle is @leune. I look forward to hearing anything from technical skills that should be taught, reading materials that I should review, or even conferences that I should send people to. Any feedback is good feedback!