SOURCE Boston has been over for almost a week. Looking back at the event, I can only come to the conclusion that, once again, the level of the presentations exceeded my expectations. While the conference is fairly small, with only between 250 and 300 persons in attendance, the talks were of high quality and the people who attended just about all mattered. Despite the fact that several speakers were stuck in Europe as a result of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland, it was still very worth while to attend.

As the talks are posted online in a few weeks, I'll let you form your own thoughts about them and I'll make sure to publish a reminder when the do become available.

This year, I was in the fortunate position to host a panel session on Wednesday night. The panel discussion revolved around the usefulness (or lack thereof) of mentors in furthering careers in the information security field. Some very interesting comments were made during the session, and we are going to try spinning something up again next year.