After having completed my PhD-research, I have been mostly out-of-touch with what is happening on the academic side of life. Consulting and "doing things" have been very enjoyable and I do not regret for a second that I stopped being a researcher.

However, since I am teaching at a college again, I have also been starting to feel the itch of doing research, (co)authoring and --hopefully-- publishing papers.

Once disconnected from academia, it is very hard to get back into, and I expect to spending several months reading up and figuring out where the scientific tide has taken the community.

Yet, before I set sail and try to make an serious effort at getting back into doing research, I need to decide what topics are currently worth while investigating, and which appeal to me.

So, having said this, please let me know! Comment to this post, contact me, or send me an email message. I look forward to hearing from you!