Everyone who reads this post has probably heard of Dr. Randy Pausch's world famous "Last Lecture". Anyone who has not heard of it must stop reading now and go view it.
When the new came of Pausch's death on July 25, the editors of Communications of the ACM felt there could be no greater tribute than to share his own words[...]

What about advice for CS teachers and professors?

That it's time for us to start being more honest with ourselves about what our field is and how we should approach teaching it. Personally, I think that if we had named the field "Information Engineering" as opposed to "Computer Science", we would have had a better culture for the discipline. For example, CS departments are notorious for not instilling concepts like testing and validation the way many other engineering disciplines do.

Source: Wisdom from Randy Pausch, Leah Hoffmann. Communications of the ACM, September 2008, Vol. 51, No 9, p19. (full text pdf, account required)

What else is there to say?

As information security professionals, we are faced with this every day.

One might even leap to the conclusion that had the field been approached as a mature engineering discipline, there would be no need to have as many dedicated security professionals as we do now.

An article well worth reading.