News items like this have been bugging me for a while now.

Headlines like "China hosts most of the worlds malware" mean nothing to me. A truly remarkable headline would be quite the opposite. China is a large country. A conservative estimate it has a population of close to 1.5 billion people. At any time, the country sports a staggering 200 million Internet connections. Of course they host a large amount of malware; as a country, they are one of the largest presences on the Internet!

Statistics like this get filed in the same category as "12 people
died because of shark attacks in the last x years". While the numbers
are true, they mean nothing. I am fairly confident that many more
people die because of car accidents, smoking, or are electrocution by
their computer. Does that mean that the entire population is petrified
of cars, cigarettes, or pc's? Of course not; we attach too much value
to them!

When considering these numbers, please put them in
perspective and think about them for a while. Are things really as bad
as they seem? Or is it just an sensationalized appearance?

Perception is reality. Do not not your perception fool you.

Thank you for your time.