I am heading off to the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 security professionals conference this weekend. The event starts Sunday and completes Tuesday around noon. While getting my packing list checked off (business cards, itinerary, confirmations, reservations, schedule, etc) I was getting ready to pack my laptop, power supply, cable lock, external drive, etc.

Then I stopped.

Why would I carry all this stuff?

I consider myself an experienced traveler and I have visited a fair number of conferences all over the world. Traveling is annoying enough; I do not need anything that is non-essential.

After all; what I do not carry, I cannot lose. True, having access
to email would be nice (I'm not on Crackberries). and web browsing
would convenient too, but face it: I am in session Sunday from
8.30am-late (hopefully there will be some good BoF sessions), Monday
starts even earlier (7am) and might end even later, and Tuesday I'll be
checking out of the hotel and traveling back home. When would I even
have time to get my e-fix?

Traveling in general, and navigating public transportation (incl.
clearing airports) is much easier without carrying a lot of stuff.

So; what will I be taking in addition to some fresh clothes? A stack of business cards, my cell phone (with charger), my notepad and one pen.