Someone asked me today if I had contacts in Law Enforcement in The Netherlands. As a matter of fact, I do. The guy (who I only know by his online alias, and "met" only once) wanted me to contact them so I could inform them of a warez site that he knew about, and of a web site that was defaced by the person who operates that site.

However, when I asked the person for some evidence to back up his claims, he went quiet. All he told me that "he knew about, but was not connected to the site that was defaced". Obviously, it ended right there for me.

It does make you wonder: why does anyone think that I would go to anyone (let alone a law enforcement officer) with a message like: hey, this guy I never met, or have any idea who he really is, would like you to crack down on a site that he claims hosts illegal stuff, but for which he cannot provide any corroborating evidence?