I am usually not a great fan of management literature. It often repeats the same points over and over again. If I read another book that tries to position Porter's Value Chain, the Deming Cycle or references to Mintzberg, no matter how valid they are, I might scream.

This book is a very pleasant deviation from the same topic. It covers the personal experiences of the authors, and is oh so recognizable for who has ever worked in IT projects.

The title It Sounded Good When We Started has to sound familiar to anyone who as every been in a project management role, and the subtitle A Project Manager's Guide to Working with People on Projects is well-chosen and covers the contents of the book well.

Some of the suggestions that the authors make sit well with me. The break-out room with all the project plans (and how well work is progressing) out there for all project members to see is enlightening. The phrase "I Can Still Out-Engineer Any of You" is also very well chosen.

All in all, a definite recommendation from my part. Very worth the read.