next laptop could have a continuous power battery that lasts for 30
years without a single recharge thanks to work being funded by the U.S.
Air Force Research Laboratory. The breakthrough betavoltaic power cells
are constructed from semiconductors and use radioisotopes as the energy
source. As the radioactive material decays it emits beta particles that
transform into electric power capable of fueling an electrical device
like a laptop for years.

betavoltaic batteries sound Nuclear they're not, they're neither use
fission/fusion or chemical processes to produce energy and so (do not
produce any radioactive or hazardous waste).


best part about these cells are when they eventually run out of power
they are totally inert and non-toxic, so environmentalists need not
fear these high tech scientific wonder batteries. If all goes well
plans are for these cells to reach store shelves in about 2 to 3 years.
Source: Next Energy News, Oct 1, 2007

Forget about dilithium chrystals; if this betavoltaic battery does indeed hit the market in a few years time, it it comes affordable for mainstream consumer a few years after its introduction, that is awesome news that could revolutionize the household electronics landscape, as well as IT infrastructures.

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