We just came back from spending the Holidays with our family in the United States. During our trip, we spent some two and a half weeks in Savannah, Georgia. Our favorite breakfast place there is called the Omelette House and the day before we left Savannah to go back to New York, we had breakfast there (two eggs scrambled with well done bacon, well done hashbrowns and onions and whole wheat toast for me, two eggs overmedium, grits and whole wheat toast for Lou-Anne).

Scene 1. While waiting for our breakfast to come out, a guy in his early fourties sits down in the booth next to us and starts talking to us. Turns out he is retired military, but still consulting them on how to set up and organise field hospitals. He is very friendly to talk to and has seen a lot of the world.

Scene 2. A female police officer comes in, and sits down in the booth on the other side of us. A moment later, another cop walks in and wants to face the door. We overheard him telling his colleage that a buddy of his got shot while sitting with his back to the door and he will never ever make the same mistake again.

Scene 3. Our military guy suddenly starts going off about how "civil liberties" have changed in the period that Lou-Anne has lived overseas and that cops can now enter houses at will. He continues going on that he swore his allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, and not to the President, the State or any other institution.

Scene 4. Cops start responding back under which circumstances they can enter a house without a warrant or permission of the residents.

Scene 5. Lou-Anne and Kees finish up breakfast and vacate the premises rapidly.