Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fatal System Error

WNYC, New York City's public radio station, recently ran a few items on information security. The Leonard Lopate show of January 28th (hosted by guest host Mike Pesca) featured Joseph Menn, the author of a new book called Fatal System Error. The episode is available as a podcast here and runs for about 20 minutes.

Menn also featured a few days earlier on Fresh Air, talking about the same topic. On Fresh Air, the main character in the book, Barrett Lyon, also makes an appearance. Lyon is probably most well known for having some issues with AOL downtime in the late nineties. The Fresh Air episode is available here and runs for about 30 minutes.

Both shows are worth listening to as they feature topics that are timely and, for a mainstream show, include relevant technical details. Of course, always keep in mind that both episodes feature the author of the book, who has a vested interested in selling it.

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