Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BlackHat 2009

With BlackHat 2009 around the corner, I am getting excited.

This is the first BlackHat event that I will attend in the USA and I cannot wait! This morning, I sat down to click together a first tentative schedule. This schedule does not take into account any in-person talks that are more interesting that attending a session, or last-minute changes in my plans, but it does provide a nice overview of where my interests are focused this time around.

Although I will be covering BlackHat as a blogger, I have still to come up with an interesting angle. It is probably going to be some high-level direction thing. At the very minimum, an overall impression of the event and the talks I attended, and maybe even some more in-depth coverage of a specific topic or a particular presenter if it happens to catch my attention.

I'll be on twitter as @leune in case someone wants to tweetup.

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