Saturday, August 9, 2008

Defcon day 1

After a long day yesterday, which featured 12 hours of travel, 3 hours of time difference, 4 hours of sleep, 2 hours of pre-con breakfast, 6 hours of convention and 4 hours of post-convention, I am now awake at 5am (pacific time) in my hotel room. Since this as good a time as any to get my thoughts together, I figured I'd try to get some itemized comments out

  • Kennedy is a fairly unpleasant airport when there are heavy storms in the vicinity.
  • I'm glad I got to see parts of Vegas, but I don't think I need to come back here as a tourist.
  • The general atmosphere at Defcon is great. People are very friendly, willing to communicate and share, and it is a general geek Nirvana.
  • As with most conferences/conventions that I go to, the talks are borderline acceptable. Sometimes they're a little entertaining, sometimes they provide some nice nuggets of insight, but I haven't been at any that are ground-breaking.
  • Rumor has it that the badges were not appreciated all too much by customs.
  • Just for meeting the right people alone, Defcon is worth going to.
  • Don't be paranoid. Oh wait;FAIL!
I am keeping a fairly up-to-date feed on twitter. Daylight is breaking. Better get some more sleep.

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