Monday, August 21, 2006

Sociological research study on fortresses Liefkenshoek and Lillo in the period 1585-1786

My uncle published a research study on the fortresses of Lillo and Liefkenshoek in the period 1585-1786.

The research questions that are answered are:

  • What were the features of fortresses Lillo and Liefkenshoek and their support fortresses in the period 1585-1786, from an architectural, military, governmental and sociological point of view?

  • What developments in the military, economic, religious and social terrain took place in and around these fortresses in that period?

  • Who were the persons that, in the corresponding period, were involved in the functioning of the fortresses, or who lived in the direct area in or around the fortresses, and what were their genealogical, demographic and sociological features?

The information about the study is only available in Dutch.

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