Friday, January 27, 2006

So quiet,....

It has been very quiet the last couple of days. I hardly got any regular email or spam worth mentioning, University appears to be deserted (hardly any students and even less faculty) and even my honeypots show a significant drop in the amount of network scans.

Is it just because it is winter on the Northern hemisphere, and everyone just wants to say in bed, and summer in the Southern hemisphere and everybody is on the beach?

Update: 12:30pm We just came back from the ``consultatiebureau'' to get Paulette weighed and the nurse that there noticed the same thing. After 40 minutes, we were the third to stop by!

Update: 6pm Well; I found all of them. Looks like everybody was hiding in the supermarket, just when I was there to pick up a few groceries. It almost felt like Saturday afternoon at 3pm in there!

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