Friday, September 16, 2005

Friggin' Windows

I have thought about creating user interfaces and pleasurable computing experiences often. Today, I hit a rock bottom low in those thoughts. For some reason, Windows XP decided that *it* was in charge of the computer, and not me. Let me clarify: when I hit the off button on my computer, I expect it to go off. If it needs to do a quick shutdown sequence to ensure data integrity, I can live with that although it is really a design flaw that it is necessary.

Today when I hit the "off" button on my laptop, it decided that it really did not need to shut down, but that it would be more than okay to tell me to NOT TOUCH THE OFF BUTTON and that Windows itself would decide when it is time to shut down. It then happily proceeded at its leasure to install a number of updates. 15 minutes later, a shutdown sequence started that itself took 10 minutes (?!) and THEN it decided that it was time to shut off my computer.

Now, like I said, a short delay is acceptable, but to make me wait 25 minutes????!!

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